About Our Church


If you haven't already, we hope you'll join us for in-person service or our online service soon. If our team can answer any questions for you please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Siskiyou Christian Fellowship is located at 203 Wetzel way in Yreka, California. Please see our Times & Services page for weekly services, gathering and teaching times.

Who We Are

We are a congregation of believers who want to know this Jesus we teach about and strive to serve. We believe the Word of God contained in the 66 books of the Bible is the only infallible guide to knowing God and how we ought to respond to His love toward us. We aim to be a fellowship family that is loving, honest and truly helpful as we instruct one another in the things of God's Word. It is our earnest hope, as you join with us, that you learn of Jesus through a solid, tangible relationship with Him and the fellowship that we have would be centered around service to Our King and Rescuer: Jesus! 

If you have questions regarding our doctrinal stance on a specific matter, we would be glad to meet with you and search scripture together as we learn more of the magnificent salvation that has been freely offered to us! 

Our mission is simple. We are desiring to know Jesus!

Our Statement of Faith

READ our statement of faith

Meet Our Staff

Jeremey McVae has been the Lead Pastor at Siskiyou Christian Fellowship since October of 2018. Previously Jeremey served as the Worship Pastor and Youth Pastor for SCF. Jeremey and his wife Casey have been part of Siskiyou Christian Fellowship since it's beginning. 

Jeremey McVae | Lead Pastor

Christie Horne began serving as the Kids Church Director in 2020. She has previous experience in school administration and has been homeschooling her own children for 6 years. Christie and her husband Greg and their four children have been part of SCF since 2015

Christie Horne | Kids Church Director

Skye & Payton Foos serve as part of the worship team and lead the Junior High, and High school Youth Group's for SCF. Skye has been attending SCF since 2014 and has been working with SCF youth since 2018.

Skye Foos |  Youth Pastor

Dave and his wife Hollie have attended SCF since August of 2020. Dave has been an elder since 2022 and Associate Pastor since Feb of 2023. Dave loves serving in a multitude of opportunities such as, leading worship, serving in the kids wing, and leading a young adults bible study with Hollie.

Dave Cooper | Associate Pastor

Our Elder Council

Our Elder Council is comprised of a group of men  who are members of Siskiyou Christian Fellowship and who meet and serve the church regularly in an advisory capacity. 

Jeremy and his wife Cara have been attending at SCF since 2016. Jeremy has been an elder since February of 2019. Jeremy and his wife also love helping by not only serving with the kiddos in Sunday school, but also help facilitate a young adults bible study, and often lead worship on Wednesday evenings.

Jeremy Ravenscroft

Kurt and his wife Chris started attending SCF in June of 2020. Kurt has been an elder since the fall of 2021. Kurt has a heart to teach Gods word and truths to people.  Kurt has previous experience in ministry where he pastored a church for 7 years.

Kurt Weaver

Mike and his wife Christal have been attending SCF since 2019. Mike has been an elder since fall of 2021. Mike leads a home bible study as well as help serve in children's ministry once a month. 

Mike Duncan

Gary and his wife Linda have attended SCF as of 2020. Gary has been an elder since the beginning of 2023. Gary is always ready to pray for those who need it, He and his wife Linda also serve by hosting a monthly home fellowship group together.

Gary Horne

Outreach & Missions

We endeavor to bring the light of Christ into our various communities and show the Hope that we have in Him.