Feb 1st:
Nursery - Kindergarten: Kellie, Erika

PreK-K: Casey, Trudi
Daniel purposes in his heart

1st-4th: Allana, Celina
#161 Remembering what God has done - Psalm 136


Feb 15th:
Nursery - Kindergarten: Jessica P, Christy

PreK-K: Audrey, Lucy
The Fiery Furnace

1st-4th: Claudia, Kaitlyn
#163 The Benefits of Wisdom - Proverbs 3:3-35

Feb 22nd:
Nursery - Kindergarten: Amanda, Kelly A.

PreK-K: Amy, Joshua
Nebuchadnezzar's Pride

1st-4th: Baxmans
#164 The Wise Words of a Loving Dad - Proverbs 4

Feb 8th:
Nursery - Kindergarten: Beverly, Harriet

PreK-K: Coopers
Daniel interprets dreams

1st-4th: Grant, Zack
#162 Why we need Proverbs -Proverbs 1